Huge Congratulations are in order -for Iolo

Everyone here at NARS would like to offer their congratulations to Iolo, grandson of new NARS member Alun Jones (2W0EUO) who at just 12 years old, took just 20 minutes this evening to pass his RSGB Foundation license examination!

We would all like to offer you a huge round of applause, Iolo, on passing your RSGB Foundation examination, and hope to see you at NARS again very soon. This is a fabulous achievement, well done from all of us at Newport Amateur Radio Society.

Now onto your Intermediate, yes? 👍

1 thought on “Huge Congratulations are in order -for Iolo”

  1. amazing. Well done indeed, and I look forward to hearing you on the bands in the future. It is a great hobby with many many different areas of interest. Enjoy 🙂


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