3D Printer Demo Night

Well, we all gathered at the club house around 7pm for the 3d demo evening. Dale (2W0ODS) had brought along his printerbot, and under my arm, a 30 inch screen to view the video I had produced for the club members to watch.

We had some initial issues with the 3d printer, but Dale finally got it going, running from the club’s shack computer. He had a minor extruder jam, and after some calibration tweaks he got it all running. Members all sat down and watched the following video :


After the video there were a number of questions relating to the more technical aspects of the printing process. The printer bot was busy printing a demo showing how the ‘prints’ are built from the ground up.

You can see what we got up to here :


All in all, a great evening and certainly different and interesting.


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