Full / Advanced Licence

Having attained your Intermediate amateur radio license through diligent effort, you may now be considering the pinnacle of amateur radio qualifications in the UK: the Advanced, or Full, license.

The Advanced license brings forth a plethora of privileges and responsibilities, notably the ability to transmit at up to 1000 watts of power. Additionally, holders of the Advanced license gain authorization to transmit legally from nearly every country worldwide. However, let’s not sugarcoat it—achieving an Advanced license requires substantial dedication and preparation. The examination is intricate and demands thorough study for success, necessitating a significant investment of time and effort.

Unlike the Intermediate level, there is no mandatory requirement for formal training when preparing for the Advanced Radio Communications exam. This is because the examination is purely theoretical, devoid of any practical training component. Aspiring candidates have the option to study independently at home, or participate in courses offered by local amateur radio clubs or colleges, many of which specifically cater to the Advanced Radio Communications examination.

Assessment involves a written examination comprising 62 multiple-choice questions, each presenting four possible responses. The examination duration is two hours and can be scheduled with four weeks’ notice, offering flexibility to candidates.