Christmas Fun Night & Raffle

Well, at the last minute we decided to go ahead with the fun and refreshments night. The event had been cancelled do to the recent passing of Steve, GW4BLE, but a number of us thought he would have wanted it to go ahead. The raffle was due to take place anyway, so it seemed sensible to continue with the refreshments/buffet.

With a few crossed wires, communication failures, and other commitments, we had a relatively small showing on the evening. However those that attended seemed to enjoy themselves. Far too much food as always, however the majority of it was finished by the end of the evening. I think the round of cup-cakes finished us all off !  Did that last scotch egg make a break for it OGO? Sausage rolls, Doug OPY’s home made fruit cake, and even some baking by yours truly were but of few of the delights on offer !

The raffle was started, and tickets were picked from the ‘Teapot of Fortune’. This teapot has been passed down through the ages and those that dip their hands in will surely benefit from the good fortune that pours from it ! (unless full of boiling water, lol)   Ross, GW3NWS, won the food hamper, and Julian, GW4JBQ, won the chocolate hamper.  A number of fun prizes were won by other members of the club, and Paul, GW7RIB, picked up a new 2017 RSGB callbook. Steve, GW4BLE, had a couple of wins as well, and his prizes will be given to his XYL Mandy before Christmas.

Thanks all for a great evening, and a fitting way to spend the last club evening of 2016. Also, a special thanks to Julie, mum of MW0LGE, who put the hampers together, did the box cutting and all the wrapping !

Those missing were in all our thoughts.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all.



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