2W0ODS – Raspberry Pi’s in Amateur Radio

Here’s a very long video, hosted on the new Newport Amateur Radio Society YouTube channel, from Dales excellent presentation on 29th February on Using Raspberry Pi’s in Amateur Radio.

If I may there’s a few things to point out before you watch it.

Technical Explanation

Taking well over 8 hours in total to prepare this final version, I really am no videographer but I enjoyed producing it, and have learned a lot from the process. It was produced from 4 separate video sources and a similar number of audio sources meaning that the resolution and image quality is not consistent through the video. It is long, the final version includes everything (except the 15 minute break we had in the middle), warts and all! Not all video sources covered all of the session so the number of cuts to alternate camera angles I had to work with is limited in certain sections, and In places you will also hear that the audio sounds very thin – this is because originally YouTube issued a copyright warning as certain sections within the video contained copyright music – music we could hear very loudly that was playing in the dance class downstairs during our recording, consequently I used a high pass filter to remove this booming bass… apologies!

Despite filtering the audio, upon uploading to the clubs new YouTube page, YouTube again issued a Copyright warning, but this time referencing a different section of audio in the video compared to the first one uploaded to my personal YouTube channel. They also advised that this has no impact on the channel, and there is no subsequent action required to remedy, so I decided to leave as-is this time. If anyone is curious, the section is 57:25 to 59:30.

Content and Credits

Aside from these technical issues, the content is excellent, with credit to Dale 2W0ODS for providing an extremely detailed overview of what is required if you want to use your Raspberry Pi, for example, with Pi-Star. Credit also to Mike GW8MER, Roger GW6HRU and Gareth MW1DCF for recording the session.

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