2m HobNob Challenge Results

Well, much excitement and trepidation was in abundance at a packed NARS clubhouse last week for the much anticipated results of Chris’s 2M HobNob biscuit challenge. With well over 250 QSO’s made by club members on 2M over the last week I think it’s fair to say the event was a huge success. Chris – 2W0OGY deserves a huge vote of thanks from everyone at club. His enthusiasm and encouragement for this fun event is exactly what we need… thanks for your efforts, Chris, especially with your 2nd place 🙂 .

For the actual results, it was Pete MW0RPB coming in 3rd position with 24 iso’s, the man himself Chris 2W0OGY in 2nd place with 51 iso’s, but topping the table with 55 qso’s – following his heroic attempts on Twmbarlwm last week, it’s Richie MW0LGE coming in 1st place to take the main prize.

Biscuit challenge results

In an interview following his memorable victory, Rich said… “I’d like to thank my manager, my bro and Mum, all the friends I met back in the early days of gaming, Robert from the corner shop when I was a kid, and especially my primary school teacher, Mr Jones, for his help and encouragement. I could never have done it without you all, thank you.”

Richie also kindly donated his 1st prize of a packet of Chocolate HobNobs to the club funds so that members can continue to enjoy a biscuit with their tea and coffee on club nights, at least for a week or two, without resorting to having to nag the treasurer to purchase a pack, which could prove an impossibility.

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