Fancy some fun on 2M…?

Update from Chris:


The Contest will start after Midnight Thursday 22nd February and is open to members only. The only Mode of TX is Simplex on Two Meters (points can be gained by being on the weekly net 145.375 Tuesday evening). One point per contact. The same contact can only be used once on the same day. I don’t need your logs or daily numbers this is being done on trust and honesty.

Be honest and on the Wednesday evening of 28th February, WhatsApp me with your total number of contacts and I will announce the winner and hand them their prize on the evening of Thursday 29th February.

Contact me if you are taking part Chris 2w0ogy on WhatsApp

So, on our very busy club night last week, Chris – 2W0OGY, made a great suggestion about the possibility of organising a fun type activity / event, specifically on 2M, with an objective of getting members on-air and using their radios, could be at their home qth or even out-and-about, participating in a ‘how many simplex contacts can you make in a week’ type challenge.

NARS club night

A quick run of the idea past the infamous 6 (the NARS committee) yielded a resounding yes, and so in the spirit of how we like to do things around these here parts, it’s now over to the man himself to get this up and running.

Chris’s thoughts are that initially we will try it out for a week, sometime towards the middle of February in an attempt to gauge the level of interest, holding the challenge maybe from a Thursday to a Wednesday with Chris then collating the results (how he does this is yet to be determined) and announcing the first winner at club the following day.

You can feel the suspense already eh!

We will update this page with further details, but in the meantime feel free to chat about it on the club WhatsApp page, and speak with Chris regarding any thoughts or suggestions etc.

Oh, and one more thing. I insisted that as Chris is the originator and organiser of this interesting activity, that he provide the prize for the inaugural event. No expense is being spared by the man himself… a packet of biscuits as first prize.

2w0ogy with biscuits

Watch this space.

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