Amateur TV with NARS

Mike Busson, GW8MER, gave a talk on amateur TV and started with a brief history of his own TV journey, starting in the early 1960s with experiments in Slow Scan TV while still at school.

His Fast Scan TV started in the mid 1970s after joining the Newport Amateur Radio Society and then the British Amateur Television club (BATC). This was 405 line black and white in the 70cm band, moving a few years later to 625 line FM TV on the 23cm band and eventually to colour. With the advent of digital broadcasting it was inevitable that ATV would move to digital and when the Raspberry Pi was launched this became affordable.

A demo then followed with wideband FM TV on the 6cm band, 5665MHz using cheap FPV modules. Then a true digital system was demoed on 70cm with 333KSS (Kilo symbols per second).

The evening was then finished with a demo of the QO100 satellite reception by Dale, 2W0ODS and  ending with a Q and A session.

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