Antenna Modelling with Roger GW6HRU

Newport Amateur Radio Society held their first presentation of 2024 last night in the series of ‘Last Thursday of the Month’ talks, when our very own Roger, GW6HRU delivered a thoroughly comprehensive overview of how to go about modelling antennas… in fact, ANY antenna you can dream of… in the 4NEC2 application.

Roger presenting his demo

Roger has modelled dozens of antennas and a comprehensive list of his results and findings is available on his www site which can be found here

Here are the slides from Rogers presentation if anyone wants a detailed look or wishes to find links to the www sites Roger referenced during his presentation.

With guests also attending from far and wide, everyone enjoyed the presentation and indeed, one of our members, Chris, 2W0OGY said…

Standards are being set very high. Well done Roger!

NARS presentation on antenna modelling

Well done indeed, thanks Roger, for a very detailed overview!

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