On-Air at the new QTH

We successfully installed our antennas at our new QTH (see here) on Sat 18th Feb.

Gareth (MW1DCF) and his brother Baz, turned up with all the ladders and antenna installation gear anyone would need. Baz made short work of installing the T&K’s on the gable end of one of the buildings, and erected the 4m ally pole which had the X300 collinear (2m/70cm) on top, and the transformer for the UKAntennas EFHW shortened 80m wire antenna. Baz tacked all the cables neatly all under the watchful eye of Gareth.

Lengths of Ultraflex7 were run, one to each antenna, and a third low down so that we can use the main antennas via a switch when we operate from outside on the grass during the summer months. Dale (2W0ODS) performed all the attic climbing and routing of cables through the eaves. Thankfully very little fibreglass insulation so he was not itching that much !

Mike (MW1EHW) and Richie (MW0LGE) pre-installed the coax cables to the antennas on the ground, so it made it much easier for Baz to eventually install the whole thing in one go. A catapult was used to put a weight over a branch of the large tree in the front garden and the EFHW duly pulled up.

It took around 3-4hrs to install and complete everything.


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