New Location

The Newport Amateur Radio Society (NARS) has a new location at the Tabernacle Congregational Chapel in Rhiwderin.

The radio club will open every Thursday evening 19:00 – 21:00 at the chapel.

How to find us?

Our location is :

Tabernacle Congregational Chapel
4 Harlech Dr

Nr. Bassaleg
NP10 8RH

These What3Words point directly to the front door – clerk.dumps.deciding

We will be listening on 145.375MHz most Thursday club evenings for call in.

The main entrance is on right hand side as you look at the chapel buildings, and is pointed to directly by the What3Words above. If you come to the door enter the building and go up the stairs. If the door is locked we are probably not there yet. There is a single person lift in the entrance if you prefer not to use the stairs.

Parking is in-front of the chapel over the lowered pavement onto the semi circle area. Additional easy access/disabled parking is around the back of the building. Follow the road around and there will be some gates on the left. They should be open for 7pm.

4 thoughts on “New Location”

  1. I have been part of the Chelmsford Radio Society in Essex and have intermediate-level licenses.
    I’m just now in Newport and want to join you guys.

    I live in Pilton Vale, Malpas

    How can I join?

    • Hi Chika, Come on up to the club house in Rhiwderin on Thursday at 7pm. All the details of the location are above. No obligation to join right away, but it would be great to see you. Pop on in for a look and a cuppa.

      73 Richie.

  2. I am new to this hobby would like to learn more maybe join you and get licensed one thing is I work weekdays evenings 5pm-8:30pm

    I live in duffryn
    Np10 8wl

    • Hi Rhys

      Many thanks for the enquiry. It’s great you want to learn more about amateur radio, it is a very wide and interesting hobby. Maybe one day you can get time off to attend our club night which is every Thursday (except two weeks off each at Christmas and Easter) from 7:00-9:00 at the Tabernacle community hall, in Rhiwderin.

      Occasionally we have weekend activities but these are more through the summer months when we can get out and about somewhere.

      It might be worth you popping along one evening and we can discuss what other resources are available for those who wish to learn and become licensed. Online study for example.

      Hope to hear from you if you need more info.
      Chairman NARS


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