GW4OGO UK/EI Contest Winner

Congratulations to Steve, GW4OGO, as he has been awarded a contest win for the low power ssb section of the recent UK/EI Contest SSB 2016.

In Steve’s words, ‘This is a bit surreal !!  GW4BLE insisted I put an entry in !  Not sure how I came first !’

I think Steve OGO was just going to put a check-log in, but our late Steve BLE talked him into a full entry. Good job he did !

Well done Steve !


1 thought on “GW4OGO UK/EI Contest Winner”

  1. Congratulations Steve, a great achievement.

    Many thanks to all those who put in so much hard work over the year to make the club a continuing success.

    A very Happy Christmas and a Healthy 2017 to everyone. Thanks for everything.

    With many happy memories of a great friend, GW4BLE, whose grandson will be one year old on Christmas Day.

    John, GW8IQC


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