Historic Photos

Ross (GW3NWS) found some historic photos related to the club. We managed to scan them in and re-colour them.

A great set of historic photos showing some current members when they had a few less turns on the coil, and some that have passed on but are not forgotten.

2 thoughts on “Historic Photos”

  1. Just found your website – looks super – congratulations.
    The historical photos brought back many memories of being in Wales.
    Can you tell me when the club made their Island expedition to Alderney ?
    I see there’s a shot of the group all togged in green jumpers – I’m the dark haired one wearing shades standing by the doorway – not many dark hairs left now !
    Hope the club continues for many more years.
    Best 73 to all
    Kelvin F4VPC (Brittany) / GW4TTU


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