A Yaesu System Fusion YSF Reflector for Pi-Star

Dale, 2W0ODS, has setup a Yaesu System Fusion YSF Reflector for Pi-Star running YSFGateway on a RaspberryPI.

If you have a Pi-Star hotspot you will be able to connect to this, and may work for cross mode (DMR2YSF) too. The YSF reflector is called GB-NARS you will find this either on the webpage of your Hotspot > YSF Link Manager > GB-NARS or find the ID number from the list HERE.

Currently you can direct dial 17276 from a Yaesu System Fusion radio connected to a Pi-Star Hotspot. This number is dynamic and may change.

GB-NARS now supports DMR2YSF, this means you can use your DMR radio to talk to anyone in GB-NARS that has a Yaesu System Fusion Radio or a DMR radio. Simply enable the DMR2YSF option in Pi-Star and either dial talkgroup 7017276 or Save 7017276 as a Talkgroup/Channel on your DMR radio.

The dashboard for this Reflector available HERE.

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