Festivities at NARS

A light hearted suggestion a week ago led to a wonderful festive evening at NARS this week. Ross (GW3NWS) suggested for our last week together in 2023, we ought to have an impromptu Christmas styled evening with bring-along snacks and goodies… and WOW, what a fabulous evening it turned out to be!

Christmas evening celebrations at NARS

From Johns’ home made sandwiches, to Chris’ minced pies, Julians mini pork pies to Rogers finest quiche – it was all there, with notably… Gareths flavoured cheesy balls being one of the evenings firm favourites, and a real sight to behold, to boot!

We even had Christmas lights and an LED candle courtesy of Russell, with Yuletide music and Nintendo video games courtesy of Dale.

Only one person was disappointed at the end of the evening, which was Faith, YL of Steve (GW4OGO) as the rather delicious slice of Doug’s (MW0OPY) home made fruit cake saved specifically for her to enjoy, mysteriously went missing. We at NARS fully understand the trauma of such an experience and we are doing all we can to support Faith at this sad time. The chairman has ordered a full enquiry, authorities have been informed, and detailed investigations are underway in an attempt to identify the culprit. 🤪

A great evening was had by all, and my thanks to everyone who contributed to what was a smashing last evening of 2023 for members of NARS.

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