A visit and a donation

We had a visit from a fellow amateur, Bryn N4VM, from over the pond in Columbia, Tennessee. He was visiting his sister who lives close to Newport and to sort out his late father’s radio equipment. We all had a nice chat that evening (13th Jan) about all aspects of radio and even venturing into, as you do, american gun law 🙂

Bryn’s father passed away a few years ago, GW7SNF (Dave). Bryn and his sister wanted to donate their father’s equipment to a local club and as Dave had been a Newport Amateur Radio Society member in past years and they felt it fitting to donate his equipment to the club.

Steve (GW4OGO) went to collect all the equipment, ranging from rotators, power supplies and radios. Bryn can be seen in the picture next to a boot full of gear. The following week we had a club auction and funds were added to the clubs coffers.

Many many thanks to Dave GW7SNF (sk), his son Bryn and sister. Your dad’s equipment will be cherished and used.


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