Whether you are home in your shack, on HF/VHF/UHF mobile/portable seeking contacts, simply let the group know the band and frequency you plan to operate on, together with the time you plan calling CQ – then stations will know you are calling.

The very first Calling CQ NET


on 80m commences in


On air approx 3.710MHz (to be confirmed)

Sunday 24th January, approx 18:00 UTC

It really doesn’t matter if you are after that very first QSO, or if you’re looking for more contacts, maybe you are a little mic shy or perhaps a little nervous… don’t worry, just tune in and we will help you GetOnTheAir and make your first or subsequent contact and start using your radios.

The objective of the FB group is to encourage amateur radio enthusiasts, especially those who may be new to our hobby or have recently returned, to power up, use their radios and GetOnTheAir. For more info please see our Facebook group page, or contact me via Facebook messaging.

Remember, the bands are only dead if we don’t use them, so let’s use ’em eh.